Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Grandma Blazin's Bread Pans

One of the things that seems strange about death is that you leave behind an entire life's worth of belongings. Objects that were so necessary and part of your everyday life suddenly have no owner. No one to use them. We went through many of Grandmas belongings and everyone took a few things that were meaningful to them. I loved hearing from each of my cousins and siblings about the items they would most like to have any why. Grandma didn't have much in her house that wasn't either very useful or very meaningful. I gravitate toward the useful items. I brought home Grandmas bread pans. Making read for my family or friends is something that makes me really happy. I'm guessing Grandma enjoyed it for the same reasons I do. I also brought home a small ceramic bowl from the kitchen that had toothpicks in it. Grandpa Blazin always had a toothpick in his mouth after a meal. I bet those were his toothpicks. 

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