Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Grandma Blazin's Bread Pans

One of the things that seems strange about death is that you leave behind an entire life's worth of belongings. Objects that were so necessary and part of your everyday life suddenly have no owner. No one to use them. We went through many of Grandmas belongings and everyone took a few things that were meaningful to them. I loved hearing from each of my cousins and siblings about the items they would most like to have any why. Grandma didn't have much in her house that wasn't either very useful or very meaningful. I gravitate toward the useful items. I brought home Grandmas bread pans. Making read for my family or friends is something that makes me really happy. I'm guessing Grandma enjoyed it for the same reasons I do. I also brought home a small ceramic bowl from the kitchen that had toothpicks in it. Grandpa Blazin always had a toothpick in his mouth after a meal. I bet those were his toothpicks. 

Funeral and Fun

Grandma Blazin's Funeral weekend was really more of a celebration. A beautiful service honoring our amazing Grandma combined with lots of visiting, eating, laughter, and fun. Here are a few pictures. 

Grandma and Grandpa's House

This will probably be the last time I come to this place. Although we lived far away from here my entire childhood, some of my best childhood memories are from here. The Blazin family and heritage are a great blessing to me. This is a happy family, and a family who knows how to give and love. There is rarely discord. Not because there aren't any problems or hardships, but because love of family always prevails. I wish I could include here all of the stories about my grandparents that have influenced my life and the way I am. They were incredible people. Grandma Blazin (Mary Martindale Blazin) passed away on Tuesday last week. Today we leave Castro Valley after a funeral weekend filled with some tears but mostly joy, memories, and laughter. Grandma joins Grandpa who passed away a year ago last December just after their 70th wedding anniversary. There is no tribute fitting enough to honor the love and life of these two. 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Whale Watching

We took the kids whale watching out of Newport harbor. Saw lots of dolphins but no whales.


We don't have them all together nearly as much as we'd like. It's worth documenting! Here they are ready for church. Crazy crew.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Beach Day

All the kiddos at the beach in Carlsbad.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Sam's Surgery

Here are a couple pictures of Sam after surgery. His procedure was on February 25 at Children's Mercy. Dr. Keeler was his surgeon. He had both femurs cut and rotated to create better hip alignment. His right tibia was cut and rotated for better alignment. Growth plates in his right knee were pinned to give some future range of motion in his knee. And muscle releases were done in each aductor. He has plates in each hip and a pin and cast on the right lower leg. And he's still smiling. That's our Sam. His favorite part of the hospital was chocolate shakes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.